How kayaking and canoeing can improve wellbeing
Why paddling is good for your mental and physical health

As paddlers ourselves, we know how canoeing and kayaking can really boost your mood and improve physical and mental well-being.

Just being able to get out on the water for a relaxing paddle on our local waterways or run river rapids after a stressful day, escaping from overwhelming thoughts and concerns, it's something we can't give for granted - especially during these challenging covid-19 times.

Combining exercise with the peace and fun of being on the water, surrounded by nature, is great for the body, mind and soul.

Here are the top 5 reasons why paddling is so good for you...

1) Improves fitness, strength, and stability

- Paddling is a low impact activity, so even if you have weak joints and want to go out for a relaxing paddle down your local river, you can still exercise and burn the calories of that lovely piece of cake you enjoyed last week.

- Improve your core strength, balance and mobility. A stronger core will also help to prevent or reduce back pain.

- You can enjoy a leisurely paddle and still benefit from a good aerobic workout and improved cardiovascular fitness (great alternative if you are bored of running on a treadmill!) 

- Get that much desired muscle strength. You will be using your torso and legs to power the kayak or canoe, working out your full body.


2) Improves Mental Health

Reduce stress, depression, and anxiety -  We all have days when we feel stressed, anxious, and even depressed. We just need to desperately clear our mind. 

Go out kayaking or canoeing. You will soon discover how the connection with the water and the intake of Vitamin D will help you relax and feel much more positive about life. A weight is lifted, and you can finally breathe. 

Plus, the experience of being on the water, discovering new places, developing new skills, will help to add excitement and fun to your life and to develop your inner confidence and self-esteem (you will love the new you!)


3) It's an all-inclusive sport

- Great sport for all ages - even if you're in your 80's!

Everyone can paddle - awesome sport for the fit, unfit, shorter, taller, lighter, heavier, enabled or disabled. Enjoy the water!

4) Enjoy fun, quality family time

- We have become so dependent on modern technology that we don't always realise how much time we spend on our phones, laptops and tablets... Get that precious time with your family back.

Kayaking or canoeing on your local sea, river or lake is a great, fun way to spend quality time with your family and to get your children connected with nature, enjoying fresh air and exercise. They will love the adventure and excitement of being on the water


5) Get social

Many paddlers enjoy paddling on their own but kayaking and canoeing offers you the opportunity to be more social and meet people that share the same interest and passion for the water as you do.

Join a local club or community and get to know new, interesting people with whom you can share experiences and go on paddling adventures with!


The point is... Paddling is FUN!

Once you start, you won't be able to stop. You will just feel healthier, lighter, happier...!

So give it a try! Go kayaking, canoeing, or stand up paddling... Explore your local waterways and just have fun!

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