What to pack for a canoe camping trip
Top things that you will need on a canoe camping trip

There are some amazing places to go canoeing and camping in the UK. A canoe camping trip is a fun way to explore our local rivers; weekend or overnight stays are truly memorable! (Our team loves going out on micro-adventures, leaving work and heading out for a canoeing camping adventure in Norfolk, travelling back early in the morning so that we can arrive at work in time... It's awesome!).

To help make sure you have all the right gear with you, we've put together a checklist of the top things that you should take on a canoe camping trip. 

First of all... Pack light! 

What to pack:

1) Your canoe and paddle (it can seem quite obvious, but most paddlers have forgotten their paddle at least once in a paddling lifetime!) Your paddle is just as important as your canoe, it is your connection to the water, your steering, drivetrain and brake all in one. 

Take a look at some of our favourite canoe paddles.

2) PFD / Buoyancy Aid 

Buoyancy aids or PFD's are flotation devices that can help you stay safe on the water in case you capsize. They are a must-have item and are actually quite comfortable, allowing freedom of movement when paddling.

3) Dry Bag

Dry bags can be one of your best friends on a day out on the water!

Made of a waterproof fabric, functional and easy to transport, they will help keep your valuables safe. With different sizes available, you can store food, clothing and even your phone, keeping your gear safe and dry.

4) Dry-quickly Clothing and Footwear

Wear appropriate moisture-wicking clothing, that will keep you protected from UV filters, wind, rain and cold-water temperatures.  

When canoeing in warm weather, choose sun-shielding clothing to protect you from the sun. (We love NRS H2Core Silkweight Tops )

For cold water/ weather canoeing, take comfortable, warm clothing. Thermal wear is brilliant, as you can remove layers if the weather changes. Paddling cags and spray jackets are great to keep you protected from the wind and rain and for extreme weather, drysuits are an amazing investment, as they last long and will definitely keep you warm!

We recommend wearing water shoes, made of dry-quickly materials such as neoprene. There are some high-performance, great-looking water shoes on the market, ideal for casual wear or a day out on the water. 

5) Lightweight tent and sleeping bag / mat

6) Snacks, meals (protein bars are a good source of energy)

7) Stove & fuel, some cutlery, a mug, a frying pan, a small kettle and a hot / cold drink bottle

8) Multi-tool / Safety Knife

9) A sponge, wipes and toilet paper

10) Signalling devices, a found sticker with your contact details (it's always good to be safe and prepared)

11) Repair-kit including a sealant product, repair / duct tape (very useful) and some replacement nuts and bolts

Now that you know what kit to take with you, start planning your next canoe camping trip and have an amazing time outdoors, exploring our beautiful waterways!

Speak to our Norfolk-based team for some useful advice. 

We would love to hear from you!

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