NRS Mightylight Dry bag

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NRS Mightylight Dry Bag

The NRS MightyLight dry sack protects your valuables without taking up space or too much of your budget.


  • Slides easily inside other bags and kayak hatches, offering a great way to organise your gear inside a larger dry bag or backpack

  • Super lightweight silicone-impregnated ripstop nylon stays soft and supple

  • Watertight StormStrip folding closure doubles as a carry handle 


  • The sack must be closed properly to prevent water getting in. Begin by folding the top strip over, and then fold (rather than roll) at least three more times before closing the buckle.

  • Hook a carabiner through the D-ring on the quick-release buckle for a handy attachment point

  • The MightyLight is not intended for submersion or designed to be the sole watertight barrier for sensitive electronics, cameras and other items vulnerable to water damage. For maximum protection of these items, we recommend the use of a hard or soft case with a totally waterproof seal.


NRS MightyLight Dry Sack



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