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Pyranha 9rII

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The 9R kick-started a creek boat design revolution; now it's time to raise the bar with the 9R II.

This sports car of a kayak is an exhilarating ride on any river, its narrow width not only increasing the 9R's dynamic speed, but also offering immense connectivity, effortless rolling, and lightning fast edge to edge transitions; the 9R's unparalleled speed is just as much fun to wield during everyday missions as it is in competitions, opening up more moves and whole new possibilities such as mid-rapid line changes and easy attainments.

The 9R II's design has been refined to offer paddlers a faster ride with greater control, because after all, #FastIsFun

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The 9R II pushes the disruption further within whitewater kayaking. The movement the 9R product line began gained lots of traction over the years and doesn't show any intention of stopping.

It features a narrow planning surface which increases the hull speed, giving the paddler the ability to punch through features and quick edge transitions. The speed of the 9R II is also helped by the paddle entry cutaways which enables accurate paddle placement creating more effective strokes, increasing power.

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Additional Volume

Additional volume at the seam line and stern deck, plus extra width towards the stern, prevent tail tapping and improve handling, particularly for larger paddlers and on big water.

Deck Peak

Pronounced deck peaking sheds water efficiently when punching through features and resurfacing from drops.

9ft Length

9ft length with cut-off stern gives maximum short-boat category waterline for ultimate speed, with a clean release of surface tension.

Rocker Profile

The rocker profile, volume, and stern width are finely balanced to carry maximum lateral speed through features and out of drops.

Progressive Rocker

A tailored progressive rocker profile engages the stern for tracking and carving performance when the kayak is being driven forwards, and releases at low to mid-speed for tighter turns.

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Softened Stern Sidewalls

Softened stern sidewalls make for smoother moves and greater control, even at high speed.

Speedy Hull

Extreme bow rocker, wave deflectors, and lower bow release edges create multi-stage dynamic lift, ensuring the kayak maintains planing speed in a wide variety of situations.

Handle Recess

An open stern handle recess with inboard handle drains efficiently and is easily accessible for off-the-water handling of the boat and swimmer rescues.

Safety Points

Safety comes as standard with a complete array of DMM drop-forged, anodised aluminium handles and security points.

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Stout 2 Outfitting

The stout 2 outfitting is built up from the elements listed below.

Stout Seat

A simple, solid, and highly ergonomic padded seat with trim adjustment and height adjustment shim.

The Stout 2 Hip Pads

Deep-fill, oversized hip pads that mould to your shape, with foam adjustment shims for a snug fit.

Stout 2 Thigh Grips

They are padded, contoured thigh grips with fore/aft adjustment and an optional hooker upgrade.

Ratchet Back Band

A padded back-band with height adjustment and ratchet adjustment support.

PLEASE NOTE: Pillars and hull stiffeners vary between models and outfitting. Please refer to the table at the bottom of this page for spec variants.


Pyranha 9R II Size Chart

Length272cm / 8'11"287cm / 9'5"
Width65cm / 25.5"66cm / 26"
External Cockpit Length95cm / 37.5"95cm / 37.5"
External Cockpit Width50cm / 19.5"54cm / 21"
Volume310l / 82gal (US)340l / 90gal (US)
Weight22kg / 48lb23kg / 51lb
Optimum Paddler Weight65-100kg / 143-220lb75-125kg / 165-275lb




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