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Red Paddle Co Silent Air Remover

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    Introducing the new Red Paddle Co Silent Air Remover - allows you to pack up in peace!

    • Keep it quiet – drops the noise of a deflating board down from over 130dB to less than 80dB
    • Cross Compatible – works on all SUP boards and any inflatable item using an HR style valve
    • Fully DFD – All parts are replaceable and recyclable

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    Any owner of an inflatable stand up paddle board will be all too familiar with the moment when the time comes to deflate your board and the noise that is produced. You will have more than likely warned any nearby onlookers or young families to the imminent roar of rushing air as you compress the valve.

    The Silent Air Remover diffuses the initial loud rush of air and after 60 seconds can be removed to allow your board to be deflated in the normal way and has little to no impact on the time required to pack away your SUP.  

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    • Cross Compatible – works on all SUP boards and any inflatable item using an HR style valve

    • The Silent Air Remover reduces the sound of a board inflated to 18psi from over 130 decibels at initial valve depression to less than 80 decibels.



    Silent air remover

    A quick walk through how to use the Silent sir remover and the benefits of it.