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Tootega Pulse 85 Bundle

  • Model
  • Colour
  • Paddle
  • Paddle length
  • Backrest

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This Package includes:
Boat: Tootega Pulse 85
Colour: Customer option
Paddle: Length & model customer option
Backrest: Optional

Model: Pulse 85

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Tootega Pulse 85 package

The Tootega Pulse, made onsite here in Norfolk, is one of the most popular sit on top kayaks in Europe for good reason. A highly stable, versatile, and manoeuvrable sit on top, ideal for a wide variety of uses, and backed up with a lifetime warranty!

This makes the Pulse the ideal base for a great value package...

What's included:

1. Tootega Pulse 85, standard specification, in a choice of colours

2. Tootega single piece alloy paddle in a choice of paddle lengths. Optional upgrades are also available (see below)

3. The option to add-on a Tootega Deluxe backrest for only £45 (msrp £59.99)

1. Pulse 85 colours

Whilst there are a myriad of different colours in the Tootega range, we aim to offer the following options at all times from stock:




2. Paddle options

Your paddle is just as important as your boat. It is your connection to the water, your steering, drivetrain, and brakes all in one. Chosen correctly, your paddle will last a paddling lifetime, with many paddlers using a single paddle with multiple boats over the years. So it really is worth taking the time to get the right paddle for your needs!

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Tootega single piece paddle

We have included a single piece Tootega paddle as standard. These great value paddles have glass filled nylon blades and plenty of balanced shape (dihedral) in the blade face. Together - these features ensure you have a stiff and powerful paddle, rather than a floppy and weak paddle.


  included in package price.

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Werner Tybee paddle

The Tybee is the entry-point into the iconic Werner paddles range, and represents incredible value for money.

Why upgrade?

When compared to the Standard Tootega paddle the biggest differences are the composite shaft (lighter, warmer, and kinder on your wrists) the fantastic split joint (pack down quickly for transport) and slightly stiffer paddle blades.


  adds £80 to package price.

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Werner Shuna paddle

The Shuna is our reference point touring paddle, and is a simply phenomenal all-round paddle. 

Why upgrade?

Lighter than the Tybee with composite blades that are significantly stiffer, lighter,  and yet more durable.

If we could only have one paddle for the rest of our 'paddling-life' the Shuna would likely be it!


  adds £230 to package price.

3. Optional backrest

The Pulse paddles well without a backrest! Thanks to its balanced design which sits neutrally on the water and the raised seating position, which opens out the torso and reduces stress on the lower back.

Should you wish to increase your comfort for all day paddling trips however the Tootega deluxe backrest has been purpose designed to compliment the Tootega range, and at over 30mm thick, is sure to keep you paddling all day long! 



Surfing with a Pulse 85

Steve showcasing the surfing capability of the Tootega Pulse 85 on Stanley Embankment.


Rolling a Pulse 85

James shows us how easy it is to roll a Tootega Pulse 85.