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Werner Cyprus

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The Cyprus is our most advanced high-angle paddle, with our best paddling design and construction features. You’ll feel exceptionally light, buoyant strokes while the smooth back face gives a quiet entrance and exit from the water. The Cyprus is the smart choice for those playing or cruising with a high-angle style of paddling and wanting the conservative feel of a mid-sized blade.

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The Werner Cyprus is a great go-to touring blade featuring a mid-size, high angle foam core blade, designed for advanced manoeuvres and all-round touring.

Exceptionally lightweight, the Werner Cyprus provides buoyant strokes while the smooth back face of the paddle enters and exits the water smoothly, making each paddle stroke effortless allowing you to go all day.

The Werner Cyprus features full carbon, foam cored blades partnered with a carbon fibre shaft, to offer ultimate performance level and durability.

Ultimate performance

Brings together all of our most advanced designs.

Mid-sized blades

Mid-sized blades are an ideal fit for the great majority of average size paddlers.

Dynel® Edges

Dynel® edges protect the paddle from the rigorous environment paddlers often find themselves in. A roping material, Dynel is impact and abrasion-resistant.


The volume of the buoyant, full carbon, blades creates an exceedingly light feel for effortless and confident strokes.


The smooth back face makes for cleaner entry and exit of your strokes and an elegant feel on the water.

Optimised flex and strength. 

Choose our Neutral Bent shaft in Standard Diameter or Small Diameter.

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 Smart View Adjustable Ferrule System

Our Smart View adjustable ferrule system has the most precise, solid fit while maintaining a smooth one-piece feel. Simple in design and operation, easily adjust to your desired feather with less moving parts. Better performance and longer-lasting


Shaft OptionPiecesWeight GramsWeight OuncesLength Range
Bent2 Piece719g.25.5oz.205cm to 230cm in 5cm increments (Small Shaft only in 200cm)
Feather AngleSmart View Adjustable
Blade Surface Area610 cm2
Blade Length x Width46cm x 18cm



Werner Neutral Bent Shaft

Find out if the Werners Neutral bent shaft is right for you.


Werner Paddles—Ikelos and Cyprus

The high angle offering for our Ultimate line of paddles includes the full-sized Ikelos and the mid-sized Cyprus. Watch them perform and see what is your best fit.