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Werner Player

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The Player offers serious play boating features similar to the Side Kick except with slightly smaller, less demanding blades. Our athletes as well as a wide range of playboaters have fun with this blade. Easy to use, the Player will turn your favorite stretch of river into your newest play spot.

Construction: Straight Glass

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The Werner Player blade is specifically engineered for for play boating.

Designed to have a higher surface area on on the bottom half of the blade, this approach to shape of the blade enables faster engagement between the water and paddle when on features such as waves and holes.

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Paddles that offer Premium Performance give you the right combination of light weight, stiffness and durability. Whether you choose our Fiberglass or Carbon laminated blades, these are our most impact resistance paddles.

Blade Dihedral-Kayak

Dihedral blade shape was created to direct water to flow evenly off each side of the blade creating a smooth and stable stroke. It allows for smooth and stable forward paddling, a core philosophy for Werner.

Asymmetrical Blade Shape

Asymmetrical kayak blades are designed for a balanced forward stroke by reducing the flutter on each stroke.

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Odoo • Image and Text

Neutral Bent Shaft

Align your wrists in a more ergonomic position to reduce your fatigue and gain the confidence of full hand contact. Our Neutral Bent Shaft is designed so the blade, ferrule, and grip are in a straight line for the familiar feel of a straight shaft.

Straight Shaft

Built for the rigors of the whitewater environment, our fiberglass shafts have the highest level of strength.

Shaft Diameter

Available in Small or Standard diameter. Dial in your fit for better control, more comfort and less fatigue. Smaller built paddlers tend to like the feel of small shaft.



Neutral Bent Shaft

Our Neutral Bent Shaft is designed to alleviate stress and strain on your hands, wrist and forearms when you paddle.