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Whetman Ring Pull Prussik

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    The Ring Pull Prussik provides a simple to tie & fast to deploy rope grab for hauling on a line in river rescue.

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    Marine Grade Stainless Steel 

    The ring is 6mm marine grade stainless steel. It is easy to attach a karabiner or length of webbing to.

    Braid Red Polyester Cord

    6mm braid red polyester cord is used for the French prussik 

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    How To Tie a French Prussik

    Demo of tying a french prussik onto a line using the Ring Pull device invented by Whetman Equipment. It creates a rope grab on a line to be used in the context of water rescue.


    Prussik Rope Grab Tips

    Tips on using rope grabs in river rescue focusing on the Whetman Equipment Ring Pull Prusik and King Python. How to grab a rope and how to increase the grab strength.