Pyranha Burn III

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Pyranha Burn III

Colour: Blue Crush

Pyranha Burn III

A cutting-edge river runner. 

The Burn's combination of stability and precision make it a proven all round performer, great for beginners running Class II or experts kayaking Class V creeks.

Key features:

  • Combination of playful hull, precise edges and forgiving deck profile

  • Extra speed and drive

  • Precise tracking in turbulent water and effortless boofs

  • Great control for precision for river running and playing

  • Edge where you need it and reduce drag

  • Reduce deck implosions and easy carrying

  • Tweaked rocker - ride high over features and get the all important boof when you need it

  • Volume Distribution - Confidence inspiring ride for intermediate paddlers or those making steeper descents 

  • Strong, durable aluminium grab handles 

Pyranha Burn III Size Chart

Length243cm / 7'11"250cm / 8'2"252cm / 8'3"260cm / 8'6"
Width63cm / 25"65cm / 25.5"69cm / 27"69cm / 27"
External Cockpit Length87cm / 34.3"94cm / 37"94cm / 37"94cm / 37"
External Cockpit Width49cm / 19"50cm / 19.5"50cm / 19.5"50cm / 19.5"
Volume224l / 59gal (US)268l / 71gal (US)297l / 78gal (US)338l / 90gal (US)
Weight18kg / 40lb20kg / 43lb21kg / 46lb22kg / 49lb
Optimum Paddler Weight40-65kg / 88-143lb50-80kg / 110-176lb70-100kg / 154-220lb80-125kg / 176-275lb

Stout Outfitting

The Stout 2 Outfitting is built up from the elements listed below

Stout Seat

A simple, solid, and highly ergonomic padded seat with trim adjustment and height adjustment shim

The Stout 2 Hip Pads

Deep-fill, oversized hip pads that mould to your shape, with foam adjustment shims for a snug fit

Stout 2 Thigh Grips

They are padded, contoured thigh grips with fore/aft adjustment and an optional hooker upgrade

Ratchet Back Band

A padded back-band with height adjustment and ratchet adjustment support

Please note: Pillars and hull stiffeners vary between models and outfitting


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Showcasing the new features of the third edition of the Burn river runner kayak