Pyranha Connect Hip Pad Kit

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    Pyranha Connect Hip Pad Kit

    Pyranha Connect Hip Pad Kit

    Upgrade your kayak with hip pads, or replace worn or lost hip pads with this complete hip pad kit. 

    Pyranha Connect Hip Pads are highly adjustable and give you excellent grip on the kayak, preventing you slipping sideways. 

    Included foam shims can be placed in the bungee pocket on the rear of the hip pads, so you can tailor fit the pads to your hip width.

    A thermoformed shape hooks over your hips to hold you in place during even the most extreme edging and rolling, and the grippy cover material ensures ample friction for power transfer and fine control of the kayak.

    The hip pads are easily installed using a double strap system which loops around the seat pillars of your kayak and allows the hip pad angle to be adjusted. A Velcro pad further secures the hip pad and keeps it from sliding around when in use.

    Suitable for most kayaks.