Pyranha Ozone

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Pyranha Ozone

Pyranha Ozone Kayak

The Pyranha Ozone is an incredibly fun kayak for all abilities and ambitions.  

Unlock mid-rapid play spots, throw some shapes on an eddy line, and just generally enjoy every moment on the water.

A progressive rocker profile accentuated at the bow gives dry rides on a wave, keeps the kayak plaining efficiently when riding rapids or surfing and works with the volume profile to make it simple to initiate a huge range of moves both old and new, from cartwheels to blunts.

The Ozone is short enough to throw around, but long enough to run most rapids and access a heap of play opportunities in all sorts of places.

Pyranha Ozone Size Chart

Length226cm / 7'5"234cm / 7'8"
Width63.5cm / 25"67cm / 26"
External Cockpit Length88cm / 35"88cm / 35"
External Cockpit Width48cm / 19"50cm / 20"
Volume216l / 57gal (US)TBC
Weight15kg / 33lb17kg / 37lb
Optimum Paddler Weight60-90kg / 132-198lb80-120kg / 176-265lb

Ozone Teaser

Some quick clips from the Upper Conwy and Dee to give you a taste of just some of the fun you can have in the Ozone.