Pyranha Rebel - Connect

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Pyranha Rebel-Connect

Pyranha Rebel-Connect

The Pyranha Rebel is a fun, easy to paddle kayak, designed specifically for children; helping them gain confidence on the water.

A lightweight, responsive hull and adjustable outfitting make this kayak ready for river adventures.

Key features:

  • Forgiving, soft edges. Easy to roll. 

  • The bow has a fair amount of rocker to lift kids over river features and keep them out of trouble

  • A super kayak to surf and enjoy whilst playing down the river

  • The Rebel has front and rear foam pillars, providing structural strength and increasing the kayaks buoyancy

  • Rescue points, made by UK climbing specialist DMM

Pyranha Rebel Size Chart

SizeOne Size (metric)One Size (imperial)
External Cockpit Length76cm30"
External Cockpit Width43.5cm17"
Volume155l41gal (US)
Optimum Paddler Weight25-50kg55-110lb

Connect Outfitting

Connect Seat

Simple seat pan with padded line plus front to back adjustment

Connect Hip Pads

Padded, thermoformed hip pad with adjustment shims for a secure fit.

Connect Thigh Grips

Padded, lightweight thigh grips with fore/aft adjustment.

Connect Ratchet Back Band

A padded back-band with height adjustment and ratchet adjustment support.