Silverbirch Rebel 11 - Duratough

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The Rebel - a modern 11ft whitewater canoe, just as capable on big volume grade 4 as it is efficient on shallow braided streams and flat sections.

The Rebel has been designed to excel with a wide variety of loads - making it ideal for use on longer trips where you may not only have significant gear to take, but a continually lightening load as the trip goes on.

Silverbirch have worked hard to optimise the secondary stability - this was important feedback from the early prototypes, not in terms of literal stability but in terms of the transition from primary to secondary, and how clearly defined the rail feels as a consequence. The production Rebel 11 not only 'sits' naturally on the rail, but has massively boosted secondary stability making it an easy to paddle and confidence inspiring canoe.


Duratough is a thickness optimised single layer hull which is made of the toughest and most durable polymer Silverbirch can find.

It is maximised for impact resistance and stiffness which is continually tested, both in the lab and by Silverbirch's highly abusive brand ambassadors around the world ensuring it is the best it can be.

Silverbirch then feed this research back to our polymer company, who work with them to continually improve Duratough's resilience.

 Every shell is cooked to the perfect temperature by the computer controlled ovens, and then undergoes extensive testing to ensure it is up to the rigours of modern OC1 paddling.



Silverbirch whitewater canoes come outfitted with the custom Silverbirch bulkhead saddle made from 30kgm3 density minicell foam.

The saddle is fitted as standard with Yakima footrests. At the request of customers the footrests are now fixed to the saddle with bonded 40mm polyethylene dowels to ensure maximum durability.

A fitting kit including foam sidewalls, foam shims, glue, sandpaper, and a surf-form is supplied to allow you to customise your boat to your needs the second it arrives.


3480 mm / 11'4"
686 mm / 27"440 mm / 17.25"24.5kg