Werner Ovation

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Werner Ovation

Paddle Length: 220cm
Construction: Straight Carbon

Werner Ovation Paddle

The Werner Ovation paddle is an incredibly light, high performance kayak paddle.

Featuring a low angle, mid-sized blade, suitable for the majority of average sized paddlers.

When efficiency matters

Dihedral allows for smooth and stable forward paddling, a core philosophy for Werner.

Mid-sized blades are an ideal fit for the great majority of average size paddlers.

Smooth back face and thinner edges allow for a quieter catch and effortless exit of the stroke

Smart View Adjustable Ferrule

Werners Smart View adjustable ferrule system has the most precise, solid fit while maintaining a smooth one-piece feel.

Simple in design and operation, easily adjust to your desired feather with less moving parts. Better performance and longer-lasting.


Smart View Ferrule System

Danny Mongno talks us through Werner Paddles Smart view ferrule system.


Neutral Bent Shaft

Find out if paddling with a Neutral bent shaft is right for you or if it can help your paddling.